Saturday, July 23, 2005

Shelter on a rainy day..1 has started raining in chennai.heavy down pour over the past two days has changed the look and psycology of the city. i did see lot of happy faces when i traveled back from office to my place. my (proactive) purchase of a rain coat,which i did last week will be handy if the rain persists for few more days. if it is raining and that too in night office is not the ideal place one should occupy, but my work load demanded another over night stay at office. but exchange of hot ideas with few smartkids around softened all acrid feelings. surprisingly, in the morning i didnt have to make any fare negotiation with auto driver.the rain and the sight of wet road seemed to have silenced the bad boy in him. on my way back i did see a a new sign board of a major automaker which proudly says,i am a chennai-ite, as different as you. hats off to the brains behind that effort.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

yet another miss

mam, thnkz for your timely mail. i will call perumal and tiruppathy as soon as possible. infact i was planning to come to trichy in the first week of aug. but i have a registerd for a conference on micro-financing and micro enterprises developemnt at ISB( and SURPRISINGLY there is no reg.fee its absolutly free, and surley it will be a great opportunity for getting new contacts. but i have somuch of work to complete.(which include a thorough analysis of a marriage proposal, its time to think of marriage market!!!)i think most probably i wont make it to the conference.sad. brought a couple books ZAHIR, the MCKINSEY MIND, THE FOUR POINT SOMEONE.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

managing turbulent times

you know how things change around all of us. surprisingly fast isnt it? what is seen today as adaptable and admirable is getting obselete by tommorow. so does the people thier life styles,agendas and also their dreams and directions in life. change is something inevitable in life and the tranformation phase is the most critical thing. your ability to manage self and surroundings in this turbulance is the key to surge ahead in the bloody battle of life.this holds true for both individuals and corpoartions, infact i dont want to blah blah about change.i want scribble about the plight of my soul mate,friend i was so frozen by the way things have chenged for him. shockinly pathetic.