Wednesday, August 17, 2005

That Lovable Mother turns 200

the real beauty of a good movie is the long lasting impact it creates in the minds of audience. achuvinte amma,belongs to that genre of movies. last week i saw this movie for the second time. it may not be a consider as a classic.but the astonshingly simple story telling style makes it a different movie. infact that is the main forte of satyan anthikkad's movies. the story revolvs around the life of a young mother and an equally young daughter!!. the relevence of the theme with respect to the changing indian social millieu is something i liked the most in the movie. there is a growing breed of singles who adopt children in our country. the magnanimous charactor played by urvashi as young mother is in tune with this trend. the film portraits this societial change and projects the universal language of love. the brevity of the character played by urvashi is amazing. when she had to flee from the exploitation of her employer from that textile city(a bonus that the textile city has to offer along with employment,exclusively for underaged girls and young ladies).she boldly takes that weeping kid along with her. her deep commitment and love for that kid gave her a sense of direction and a new meaning to her life.but..

primary laws of life and relationships: when we truely love others without condition, without strings attached, with out imposing our agendas and motives on them, we actually infuse security and safety in their natural growth process. but when we violate this with our own objectives, agendas and how she/he should behave. whom they shud marry. where they shud work/ live. we are putting them in in a reactive position, they will become more defensive and will prompt them to prove that I MATTER AS AN INIVIDUAL, i am independent of you. this is what is happening in the movie between meera jasmine and uravasi- though urvashiis an orphan she is strongly against her daughters decison to tie-knot with an orphan!!!

really touching story and a moving script..kudos to satyan anthikad and ranjan pramod. the best in class performance of both urvashi and meera is worth watching the film more than once. the camera work is below average, only as good as a tv serial.

the bottom line: i should plant trees under i should not sit.