Friday, May 26, 2006

Creating a Level Playing Field

Students who are protesting against reservations for back ward classes in premier institutions like IITs/IIMs/AIIMs are mainly from metros, where they had seen only 'empowered' backward people as their neighbors or colleagues. this intolerence or narrow vison is fuelling their angst, they are not in grips with the real picture of rural and semi rural India. the rage of students is hardly making any effect in south india, barring bangalore. Moreover, people who make it to theses institutions will be the best pick among their communities. So, there wont be any kind of dilution of educational standards, as many fear. I still wonder why there is not a single protest against NRI reservations, which is a clear case of money over merit..but government should also build a fool-proof mechanism to asess the progress made by the sections of society,availing reservation.